Warehouse management involved in achieving the goals of the university and you save the material and disposed of the administrative boards Haser work and organized by the rules and procedures of government warehouses and Matsdr the Ministry of Finance and National Economy of the instructions in this regard and regulations of the University Overseeing the implementation of the rules and regulations and decisions concerning the affairs of government warehouses, and issued by the Ministry of Finance and University in this regard. Estimate the annual requirements of various items warehousing and coordination with other departments and other units of the university. Continue to work in warehouses and food supply monitoring and inspection. Monitoring system to ensure product cards provide accurate data on the stock. Provide a means of security and safety warehouses. Supervise the work of warehouse management and its employees. Development of internal organization of the warehouse and inventory confirms the continued provision of product and achieve security and safety. Develop a system to split the stock and the appropriate controls for the control and sustainable use of the items returned. Request for supply of items to ensure cover any projected deficit by prescribed percentages of the stock. Into account the distribution rates to cover the need for each point by the amount of inventory available, taking into account the minimum stock and reorder point for each item. Develop a system to simplify the procedures Almistodeih associated with maintenance, repair and destruction and sale. Participation in the annual inventory of the assets of the warehouses, according to the rules and regulations for this. Providing relevant data and information Almistodeih necessary in the event of failure or damage to or loss of, or otherwise. Preparation and submission of periodic reports or annual reports on progress of work in sections and subordinate units. Studies on the action items stagnant, corrupt and stacked and make recommendations thereon.