Vice Director Warehouse

Position: Deputy Director of the functions of warehouse management
Site: warehouse management
Reference: Director of warehouse management

     The distribution of all incoming transactions for warehouse management specialists on staff according to the functions and responsibilities of the departments that they work
     To oversee the completion of the work firsthand.
     Follow up the work and coordination with all sectors of the university with respect to the conduct of the relevant transactions.
     Mark transactions after ensuring the accuracy of measures and the health of the recorded information treatment
     Supervision of staff time and increase the Director of warehouse management for delays and the absence
     Preparation of annual reports to all management personnel and submitted to the Director of Administration for approval
     Coordination with the staff of warehouse management on annual leave and forced
     Direct the work electronically to all staff of warehouse management
     Signature of the Director of warehouse management and exercise all the powers granted to him during his absence or at his

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