Audit and Review

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Position: Head of audit functions and audit.
Site: Department of Audit and Audit - warehouse management.

 Reference: Director of Warehouse Management - Warehouse Management Deputy Director - Head of Audit Department.

    Checking documents in terms of completeness of treatment or lack of it.
    Ensure that the assets of the transaction documents and not images.
    Sure way of exchange of such documents (contract, letter of baptism, his reign, Research)
    Ensure that the individual values ​​match the values ​​in the total bill.
    Make sure to match with the billing address of baptism in terms of nomenclature, quantities and value.
    Make sure to match what is in the record of examination and inspection with the invoices attached to the transaction.
     Make sure that the models Warehouse mobilized in the right way.
     Check-treatment before being returned to the point that disbursement.
    Distribution of documents of the transaction.


 Mobilization procedures and inspection records of inspection and records of receipt and request for payment of materials and document return:

    1 the conditions to be provided by the Su treatment (direct insurance, his reign, the baptism, contract, project):


     Be original and not a copy
     Be a formal bill so that it is the name of the shop does not accept the tape.
    Items to be shown in Arabic and quantity, unit price and total value
    Be addressed to the university or on behalf of the beneficiary.
    A n be the Hijri calendar
    That the amount of Saudi Riyals and if foreign currency is converted to Saudi riyals


    2. Method of filling the examination and inspection records:


    Is transferred to each item of the invoice to the minutes of examination and inspection.
    Records are collected and put the total amount with punctuation.
    Not identify the date of receipt of the minutes of examination and inspection
    Names are complete and sign members received + signature of the President of the Committee with writing his name.


      3. Method of filling the minutes of receiving the model number (3):


    Is transferred to each item of the minutes of examination and inspection of the minutes of receipt.
    Not identify the wages, such as car wash transport fares, jaw, or postage, maintenance, or photocopying, binding or acidification, etc. ........... the minutes of receipt.
    Do not use abrasive.
    Not to disrupt or destroy records, but returned to the warehouse management and after cancellation if the record is not fit for use for the large number of errors but is canceling the development Mtoizin two lines in bold red and write null and explains why its abolition.
    n case of any mis-fill or cancel the item or edit item is excluded and signed by the employee concerned and the Chairman of the Committee against the amendment.
    Fill all the fields the upper part and lower part.
    Identify the date of receipt as noted on the minutes of examination, and the specific date that is noted is the beneficiary.
    Betrayed in the recipient's personal sign an acknowledgment is not entitled to be signed in the User box artwork.
    If the record in the beneficiary is not replaced by the longer record the minutes of the work on how to achieve the loss of the record and are being investigated, causing the loss of the record and explain the cause of loss and is undertaking after use if record is found, but returned to the warehouse management.


    Method of filling the request for payment of material model number (7):

    Sustainable items are recorded and fixed such as a computer, fax, or offices, chairs, etc ....
    Is a full description of the request for payment of materials described in number and the unit price and quantity.
    Identify the recipient's name in full three-or four-figure job with the notation.


5. Return to mobilize document number (9):

    You return the items to fill out the form to be returned complete description and characterization.
Document is signed by the head of the body in charge of the check in the return to identify the full name.

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