Secretarial and Archive

Position: Head of secretarial tasks and archives.

Site: Department of secretarial and Archive - warehouse management.

Reference: Director warehouse management - deputy director of warehouse management.

· Save images in the transaction files for each hand.

· Save the assets of request for payment of the material in their files.

· Save the assets of request for payment of materials for items that were paid by the public warehouse in their files.

· Maintain the assets of the archive.

· Seal the records of receipt and request for payment of stamp materials management.

· Preparation of a manual indexer files for easy reference when needed.

· Follow up on all those transactions of subsequent movements to "lack of documents in the transaction, end, comments"

· Follow-up to find transactions in sectors of the university - the delay in return, which follows that comment on a recurrent basis.

· Control value is sealed and the seal of the Ministry of Finance (Records of receipt, and request for payment of materials) and those who have spent and what has returned them, and the search for losses to the authority concerned and the preparation of records required in case of loss or negligence in use.
Administrative Communications

· Receipt of letters and incoming transactions to the Department.

· Export transactions and letters issued by the Department.

· Receipt and delivery transactions electronically.

· Distribution of transactions issued by the Department.

• Copies of the letters of administration.

· Save images of letters in the files.

· Extraction extracts loaded on the CD-ROM or CD-ROM or fill data fields loaded on Alooaqras.

Recording transactions

· Recording the entire transaction data that need to end the procedures Mistodeia and sent to the university sectors, in terms of Mavera of the minutes of delivery and the request for payment of materials and exchange point of treatment to the terms of the budget or the terms of self-financing.

· Registration of transactions in the warehouse software system and the ability to modify the transaction depending on the condition of packaging, whether or termination, or lack of, or comment.

· Add Alerqalm serial records of receipt, or exchange requests for materials in the warehouse software system.

· Inquire about transactions and archived records of receipt and disbursement requests for materials.

· Inquire about transactions and the possibility of knowing their status, whether fill or lack of, or end, or comment.

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