University Warehouse

General Warehouse

Job Title: Secretary of the functions of the public warehouse

Site: public warehouse - warehouse management.

Reference: Director of warehouse management

Receipt of all incoming objects to the public warehouse

Take the necessary actions to receive the objects according to the rules and procedures of government warehouses.

Preparation of memoranda of receipt Follow-up transactions for objects to enter the public warehouse.

Registration of objects and items in the product card.

Preparation of request for payment of orders materials for all units of the university.

Exchange of objects and items from the warehouse under the baptism written by the Director of Administration or his deputy.

Save images on the orders of requisitions with serial numbers.

Numbering of items according to the directory numbers of items in place the management of warehouses.

Provide a means of security and safety of the public warehouse.

Inform the Director of the Department for any shortage or increase in the balances of items in the depot of the year.

A periodic inventory of the warehouse-General for reconciliation process to ensure the safety of the balance.

Inform the Director when there is a lack of means of security and safety warehouse of the year.

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